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French Verb Activities | Winter | l'hiver

French Verb Activities | Winter | l'hiver

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Transform your French lessons with this fun Winter Verbs resource! Designed specifically for elementary school winter, this engaging and versatile resource is perfect for bringing a touch of winter fun into your classroom while reinforcing essential French language skills.

🔑 Key Features 🔑

1. Winter Verb Posters:

  • With English Translations: Perfect for beginners, these posters help students understand and memorize key seasonal verbs.
  • Without English Translations: Ideal for immersion settings or advanced students, encouraging deeper language learning.

2. Reading and Verb Identification Activity:

  • 10 Unique Paragraphs: Each paragraph is rich with seasonal verbs, providing ample practice for students to identify and underline verbs. This activity enhances reading comprehension and verb recognition skills.

3. Present and Past Tense Conjugation Activities:

  • For Each Verb: Students will practice conjugating all included verbs in both present and past tenses, solidifying their understanding of verb forms and usage.

4. Fill-in-the-Blank Activities:

  • Present and Past Tense: Engaging traditional fill-in-the-blank exercises that help students apply their knowledge of verb conjugations in context.


Included Verbs:

1. neiger (to snow)

2. geler (to freeze)

3. patiner (to skate)

4. skier (to ski)

5. luger (to sled)

6. se réchauffer (to warm up)

7. enneiger (to cover with snow)

8. glisser (to slide)

9. bâtir (un bonhomme de neige) (to build a snowman)

10. jouer (to play)

11. couvrir (to cover oneself, e.g., with clothes)

12. tomber (la neige) (to fall, snow)

13. fondre (to melt)

14. frissonner (to shiver)

15. grincer (to creak, e.g., snow underfoot)

16. se blottir (to snuggle)

17. se promener (to take a walk)

18. observer (to observe, e.g., winter scenery)

19. décorer (to decorate, e.g., for winter holidays)

20. chanter (to sing, e.g., christmas carols)

21. recevoir (to receive, e.g., gifts)

22. donner (to give, e.g., gifts)

23. fêter (to celebrate)

24. boire (to drink, e.g., hot chocolate)

25. manger (to eat, e.g., winter treats)

26. emmitoufler (to bundle up)

27. s'émerveiller (to marvel at the winter beauty)

28. faire (de la luge) (to go sledding)

29. coudre (to sew, e.g., winter clothing)

30. embrasser (to hug, to keep warm)

Bring the joy of winter into your classroom and watch your students' language skills flourish with this all-in-one French Winter Verbs resource. Your students will love it, and so will you!

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