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Hi, I'm Tia Parnell, the creative mind behind Parfaitement Parnell. As a Canadian upper elementary French Immersion teacher, I pour my love for teaching and expertise into crafting modern, engaging resources. My goal? To make learning French a fun and meaningful experience for students while providing teachers with top-notch, interactive materials that make their jobs easier and more enjoyable.

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I'm your teacher bestie, always ready with a last-minute resource to save the day! Need a low-prep, high engagement French activity? I’ve got you covered. From fun lesson plans to interactive games, I'm here to make your teaching life easier and your classroom more exciting.

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Whether it's a quick espresso shot or a fancy latte, coffee is my go-to fuel. It keeps me energized and ready to create more amazing resources for you. Let’s caffeinate and conquer the classroom together!

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Started with a rubric bundle and now we're here! I'm here to teach you all of the things that teacher's college missed with relevant & fun PD courses.

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