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The favourites for a reason.

    I would honestly give this product 10 stars out of 5 if I could!

    I always use this near the end of the school year as a June project with my students. They absolutely ADORE this project. I have never seen them so excited to do something in FRENCH. And everyone always does such a great job, even my usual low students!

    I am so happy that I now have all of these readings to be able to pull from and use with my students.

    They are also amazing for cross-curriculum teaching because so many of the topics cover concepts that are addressed in the science and social studies curriculum. I have printed them all our and organized them in a binder so I can use them often with my students.

    These rubrics are amazing!!

    I love that they are bilingual and fit so many different projects and assignments that we have been completing in person/online through the hybrid learning model. They are perfectly alligned with the curriculum and so easy to use.

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