Three Things They Forgot in Teachers College

Three Things They Forgot in Teachers College

As a French teacher, you were likely taught the fundamentals of teaching in college. However, there are still some things that weren’t covered in your curriculum that can help you be an even better teacher. Whether you’re just starting out or have been teaching for years, there are ways to go beyond the basics and make your classroom experience more engaging and rewarding. Here are three things they didn't teach French teachers in teachers college:


Storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to teaching. By using stories, you can bring language to life and make it easier for students to remember facts and vocabulary. Additionally, telling stories helps students build their oral language skills as they practice understanding spoken French and expressing themselves more fluently. 


Games are another great way to engage students in learning French. Games can be used to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other skills related to language learning. Not only are games fun for students, but they also provide an opportunity for them to learn more about the culture of France as well as its history and geography. For example, playing Jeu de la Découverte allows students to explore different regions of France while learning about each region’s culture and identity through interactive activities such as listening tasks and discussion questions. 


In addition to teaching language skills, it is important for French teachers to teach their students about global citizenship through lessons on sustainability and social justice issues such as immigration, refugees rights, gender equality, etc. This kind of learning not only helps develop empathy among students but also gives them an opportunity to learn more about how their actions can impact the world around them both locally and globally. 


There are many aspects of being a successful French teacher that cannot be fully taught in college courses alone—but don’t worry! With the right resources at your fingertips—such as storytelling activities, game-based learning activities, and global perspectives on social justice issues—you can become an even better educator than ever before! Whether you’re just starting out or have been teaching for years, these tips will help you create a more enjoyable classroom experience that encourages collaboration among students while helping them become lifelong learners of the French language!

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